Trophy Wife Love button Orgasm

January 11th, 2013
Whilst my breathtaking MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK ally Red was down final week I though that it would be fun to take the opportunity to play with the one and the other her nipples and her clit on movie for u to watch… Red absolutely LIKES my HUGE teats and the camera comes in VERY close so that you can see her engulf my teats VERY hard into her face hole… No one can make my teats any larger than Red can and she can’t live out of to show my HUGE nipps off to the camera after this babe has given ‘em her FULL attention… And then it’s time for me to make her cum VERY hard and loud with a very special high powered fake penis while that babe stretches her tight MILF pussy with a GIANT ramrod shaped sex tool… Enjoy :-) xxx

Trophy Wife Wank Switch

January 4th, 2013
When a friends spouse comes along to my Agonorgasmos Clinic to have a enjoyment one of my Expert Hand-jobs I though that it would be pleasure to spring a little surprise on him which this guy did not know everything about until I showed him this episode later… :-) I met his wife in city for coffee last week and she told me that her husband couldn’t take his eyes off of Red when we were all out a few weeks ago and that is what gave me the idea… Red’s spouse was not around, my husband was out so it was the consummate time for two MILF’s to play with a VERY hard palpitating cock… Enjoy :-) xxx
Ok, this 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" movie begins the "morning after the night previous to…" We had been to a Christmas party on the outskirts of Nottingham and Lady Sonia had perhaps partied a little also hard and now Lady Sonia need a little "me time" to recover… We had arranged to meet friends out for lunch at the pub but my husband has to go alone while I have a shower and receive myself ready to catch everyone up a little later… But when Lady Sonia receive down to the kitchen I see that my spouse has left a little present for me, and completely BIGGEST cock-shaped marital-device AND left a hand written message fastened to it daring me to text him some iPhone pics of me trying it out during the time that that stud is at the pub! How could a lady EVER resist??? :-) This marital-device is totally BIGGEST and the camera comes in VERY close to see how it stretches my fur pie VERY wide as Lady Sonia take up my husbands dare… Have a pleasure! :-) xx

I Sybian Big O

December 14th, 2012
With my spouse away this weekend I thought it would be a great excuse to receive my Sybian out for a "proper ride" and then movie it all so that you could see me cum VERY hard! The thing with the Sybian is that u actually can’t use it likewise often as its unbelievably intense… An orgasm on the Sybian is not like everything else a woman can ever experience and quite often I cant even stand up after after a "ride" of even a few minutes… Now this 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" episode shows me having the almost any intensive large O I’ve had for a few weeks now and the clip camera comes in VERY close to see totally ANYTHING in real time with NO THING cut out at all! And my GOD do I cum hard!!!!!!!!! :-) xx

I Double Ended Sex-toy Jerk off

December 7th, 2012
This 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" movie starts off with me showing u my "personal" Facebook as I take a hardly any "self-taken" pictures to post up onto my wall and then I receive changed and introduce you to the 2 fresh toys that my spouse has just bought for me… I BIGGEST smooth double-ended sex tool and what is by far the most beefy mains-powered hand held sex tool I have ever seen! Do u desire to watch how hard this new sex toy makes me cum? Well I’m plan to open my lengthy legs VERY wide so that the camera can come in VERY VERY close to let u see completely ANYTHING! :-) xx

Knowing That You are Watching

November 30th, 2012
My spouse was away at our Cartagena office last week so I decided to make a clip over several days recording EVERY time that Lady Sonia made myself cum during the time that that chap was away… This is VERY real and a bit different to anything else I’ve ever discharged and has a bit of everything from fully stripped "fingering" to haunch high woollen socks with the "Rabbit" sex-toy right through to fully naked on the couch with a classic sex-toy and my lengthy legs WIDE open for the camera! This 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" movie scene begins off with me "showing off" on the 1st day for the camera and getting VERY juicy as Lady Sonia LOVE to be watched and then Lady Sonia do what ALL ladies have to do while their husbands are away but this time is quite peculiar as U get to watch completely EVERYTHING! :-) xx

Flashing My 34 F Whoppers

November 23rd, 2012
Well you all know that I’ve an absolute love of "mains powered" sex-toys and sex-toys so when Lady Sonia was given this brand new mains powered vibrator and told that it was the majority beefy mains powered sex tool in the world Lady Sonia just could not await to give it a try! :-) As we had some time to spare we also took a drive out into the country so that I could receive in a little "showing off" joy as well for the camera! :-) Anyway, just how meaty is this new sex-toy? I think you’re gonna need to see and watch… If you’re a connoisseur of REAL female orgasms then you are intend to TRULY have a fun this one I can promise u!!! ha-ha-ha xx

Phone Sex With My Husband

November 16th, 2012
Just back from the shops and my husband phones me to ask about my day so I tell him what happened when Lady Sonia went into the Victoria Centre Shopping Mall to try on a couple of jeans… I was already naked in the changing room when Lady Sonia saw in the mirror that the curtain was open and 2 married fellows were watching me and as Lady Sonia tell my spouse how moist and concupiscent I got when Lady Sonia saw the boys watching me I can hear that my spouse is getting very excited as well… A CONSUMMATE opportunity for a little phone sex which ACTUALLY makes me cum hard! :-) xx

Cumming With My Rabbit

November 9th, 2012
I receive LOADS of requests to discharge outdoors and out and about so so that u can watch the "real me" as Lady Sonia like to suit everyday so this movie scene begins with me parking up and then walking throughout the park and down by the river and then into the town so that I can show off my big 34 "F" meatballs and my firm bottom in my white pant trousers just to show that I REALLY DO like to attract attention… And then as in a short time as Lady Sonia get home Lady Sonia go up to the bedroom to receive changed and I’ve a little "first time" play with the new "Rabbit" sex toy that my husband bought for me last week… Are they as fine as all of the hype that you hear about ‘em? Can the Rabbit REALLY make you cum that hard? Well lets watch! :-) xx

Flirting In The Kitchen

November 2nd, 2012
My spouse is due back from a business voyage later this day so as well as dressing up willing to say "Hi" properly as in a short time as that guy acquires in I usually always make him something nice so that this fellow has something fine to eat (apart from me of course…) as soon as he gets in… The merely problem is that as the marble kitchen worktop acquires covered in icing sugar and then so do Lady Sonia as well so by the time that Lady Sonia climb up onto the worktop to open my long legs WIDE for the camera my BIGGEST 34 "F" cup scoops and my ideal "MILF" bottom are absolutely overspread too! But you don’t mind a little indecent joy do u before my spouse acquires home? :-) xx